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The value of the overall iaedp program is perhaps best seen in its annual Symposium. The conference draws attendees from all corners of the globe, including especially numerous professionals from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom. It is geared to the needs and problems of those who work with patients in a therapeutic environment. Interchange among participants is constant and challenging: workshops, professional development Institutes and plenary sessions focus on "cutting edge" information and techniques. In this conference, the emphasis is on exchange of information, not just listening! These webinar sessions on demand are recorded at our symposiums.

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iaedp™ Mission

To promote a high level of professionalism among practitioners who treat those suffering from eating disorders by promoting ethical and professional standards, offering education and training in the field, certifying those who have met prescribed requirements, promoting public and professional awareness of eating disorders and assisting in prevention efforts.

Established in 1985, The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp) Foundation is well recognized for its excellence in providing first quality education and high-level training standards for professionals who treat the full spectrum of eating disorder problems. Our programs are designed by treatment professionals for treatment professionals working in therapeutic settings.

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The iaedp Certification Process

iaedp™ established the certification process to promote standards of excellence within the field of eating disorders. Professionals who demonstrate clinical expertise through education, experience and a rigorous examination are eligible for the Traditional Certification as a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist (CEDS) for therapists and physicians, Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) for registered dietitians, Certified Eating Disorders Creative Arts Therapist (CEDCAT) for art, music, recreation and dance/movement therapists, or Certified Eating Disorders Registered Nurse (CEDRN) for registered nurses. If you have practiced as a licensed or registered clinician for five or more years in the field of eating disorders, the committee recommends you review the Equivalency Certification Checklist to see if you qualify.

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